Win more business by including Team Trinet’s Technology Move Management (TMM) in your proposals. Our trained IT professionals use their in-depth knowledge to ensure clients’ equipment is properly disconnected and expertly prepared for packaging and moving. Equally important is the great care our team takes when reconnecting the equipment at the new location. We provide a completely turn-key experience to make the process as efficient and thorough as possible. Plus, before the relocation begins, we compile a detailed assessment and analysis that serves as the basis for a comprehensive move plan. This ensures that systems will be up and running smoothly at the new location.

Why use Team Trinet’s Technology Move Management Services?
• Trinet has intimate knowledge of computer systems and peripherals
• We know the right questions to ask
• We take full responsibility for IT assets
• Dedicated project manager for each job
• Add value to your move proposals
• What we do to help you win business
• Attend bid and client meetings
• Develop a comprehensive scope of work
• Work with you and your client to develop a comprehensive move plan
• Work closely with the IT staff from beginning to the end of the project
• Documentation of all equipment and peripherals by location
• Post move review with the client to ensure complete satisfaction
• Competitive pricing, allowing you to add upsell

Equipment Examples:
• Workstation computers
• Monitors
• Printers
• Scanners
• Fax machines
• Rack servers and components
• Datacenter equipment

We consider the client’s IT staff to be an important and integral partner in the planning process and we’ll work closely with them to develop the move plan.

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