Help With A Project

IT services unique to your business

Are your workloads high and your deadlines tight? Our experts are available to help with a variety of projects specific to your company’s needs. Team Trinet will assist in planning, preparing, and executing your next IT project, on budget and on time!

IT Consulting & Project Management

At Team Trinet, we understand that in today’s professional world, business success depends upon customized technology solutions, a clear vision and powerful direction. That’s why we offer both consulting and project management services to help companies like yours pinpoint their technological path and achieve goals with optimum effectiveness and efficiency.

IT Security Services

Virtually every business venture today is immersed in the world of digital technology, and with the growing sophistication of cyber threats, it’s more important than ever to ramp up your online security. Our advanced anti-virus and anti-spyware software protects your computer and data security from the most malicious threats, giving you peace of mind with a highly responsive, customized security platform that pinpoints vulnerabilities and stops them in their tracks. By working with you, we’ll make sure every potential security gap is filled so your business can stay on track safely.

Team Trinet can provide your company with these services and more, as part of a comprehensive IT Management solution.


Malware is a serious problem that plagues businesses with malicious intent, targeting vulnerabilities in your system to often crippling results. Our superior malware detection and clean-up solutions are meticulously designed to detect this intrusive software, wipe it from your system and repair any potential complications it may have caused.

We Protect Vulnerabilities On Every Level

Business Continuity
& Disaster Recovery

The loss of valuable data is an alarming scenario that can be catastrophic to your business. To avoid that harrowing situation, we recommend our data backup services. Once in place, our off-site data backup management ensures your data will be protected from loss with state-of-the-art technology and a reliable team of IT experts. So, if you do run into problems, we can restore your data quickly and minimize production downtime.

  • Choose to backup specific files or the entire server
  • Select time intervals for backups (monthly, weekly, or daily)
  • Backups protect both online and cloud-based data

Procurement & Patching Services


To ensure your system is always up-to-date and as efficient as possible, we offer seamlessly integrated hardware and software upgrade services. Through this convenient solution, we automatically advance your critical IT hardware and software to next-generation releases, saving your team time and giving your business an impactful technological edge.

The Network You Need, The Security You Depend On

Wireless Network
Services & Support

Today’s world is entrenched in the digital realm, making seamless wireless and internet connectivity an essential element of every business. However, if your connection isn’t flawlessly executed, you could face a slew of problems, ranging from user frustration and client dissatisfaction to loss of productivity and security risks. When you choose Trinet to establish your wireless and internet, you can rest assured that your connectivity will be optimized to deliver the bandwidth, coverage and responsiveness you need, without sacrificing the security that is so vital to your business.

Microsoft 365 & Exchange Support


For businesses who use the Microsoft® exchange server, our world-class support services are an indispensable ally. Our team of Microsoft®-trained experts are there for you 24/7, helping you achieve a glitch-free network so your time can be spent on productivity — not IT headaches. We monitor the exchange server, diagnose and repair problems, oversee data security and ultimately provide you with a sound, reliable server experience.

We’ll manage your tech, you focus on what you do best!