7 Benefits of Moving from an On-Premises PBX to a Cloud System

This white paper describes how a unified system can help businesses overcome issues related to the cost and complexities of a legacy PBX. Brought to you by Team Trinet’s trusted partner, RingCentral—a cloud-based communications provider that’s used by organizations like the Detroit Lions, CHG Healthcare and SoFi.

A Sneak PeekDo any of these issues sound familiar?

  • Spending too much money maintaining an on-premise PBX phone system.
  • System downtimes impacting offices or locations for hours or even days.
  • Too much time spent trying to maintain multiple PBXs—often from different providers and scattered across many locations.
  • Vendors taking days or weeks to make minor repairs or replace broken parts.
  • Lack of specialized in-house telephony expertise required to maintain the system.
  • Searching online for phones or porting cards to replace broken components or add employees.

According to Network World, the average lifespan of a PBX is 8.5 years.

With a cloud-based system like RingCentral from Team Trinet, you don't have to worry about the ongoing cost of maintaining your outdated PBX system. Cloud-based systems provide your business with greater flexibility and instant access to the latest features all while keeping costs down.

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